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The Most Advanced LPG Systems

As clearly seen, the communication between the vehicle and the LPG system in ordinary sequential system is made through the same channel, which is used for both running the vehicle and signal computation, thus causing slowdown in the system. Hence, some of the computations are made on estimation and flawless performance is not achieved In Plus Dual Sequential system, the system running the vehicle on LPG and the system making the computations use separate routes, thus achieving flawless performance and at the same time making accurate analysis and simultaneous computations. This in turn means longer engine life, better performance and more economical drive. Since the ordinary sequential systems are incapable to carry on the LPG mode on high RPM, the system, automatically switches to gasoline mode in order to overcome this problem, thus resulting in high gasoline consumption and rendering the system less economical With Vogas Plus, the vehicle works perfectly on high RPM eradicating all the above-mentioned problems,thanks to the Vogas.

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